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RsA Asia expands team with new focus on Asia

RsA Asia announces a new development of the firm focusing on new departments and new regions of the Far East with a larger team.

Lorenzo Riccardi, managing partner, confirms the interst in emerging Asia expansion with new professionals and practices.

Data Base Web Site

The firm has launched a new website, that is a data-base tool for companies interested in Asia. presents more knowledge data, reports, fiscal geography sections, publications, seminars and news.

Tax and Accounting

Guido Robino, former Deloitte, becomes manager of the Accounting Department, focusing on financial reporting and PRC GAAP.

Company Valuation

Luigi Wang, financial analyst, developed the practice of Company Valuation and corporate finance. Wang is supported by Gian Andrea Dell’Antonio, former Reaserch Analist at SDA Bocconi.

Corporate Advisory