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CELIA Alliance Global Mobility 6 Oct

We are pleased to inform you about the international seminar on global mobility entitled “The New Era of International Assignment and Relocation of Personnel” organised by Bacciardi Partners in collaboration with CELIA Alliance which will be held in Bologna, Italy on October 6th, 2023.

CELIA Alliance is an international network which brings together professional firms specialised in cross-border assignments of personnel. They help international organisations make the most of their people wherever they are in the world by providing multidisciplinary legal and tax services and services across the full range of Compensation and Benefits, Employment and Labour law, and International Assignments (thus CELIA).

The event is a meeting to analyse the management strategies and economic opportunities of employee mobility. The seminar will discuss the EU rules that have harmonised national regulations and examine the unique regulatory aspects of several European countries and non-EU countries, such as the United Kingdom, Mexico and China, with high rates of outsourced workers.

RsA asia will join the event.


Living Place Hotel, Bologna, Italy


October 6th


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