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Changzhou Industrial Economic Forum 24 Feb

We are pleased to inform you about the meeting “Changzhou Industrial Economic Forum" hosted by the Changzhou District People's Government, and organized by the Hua Luogeng High-tech Zone and the District Bureau of Commerce, which will be held on February 24th, 2023.

Changzhou is a prefecture-level city in the south of Jiangsu Province. It is located in the centre of Yangtze River Delta, 160 km east to Shanghai and 110 km west to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province capital. The population amounts about 5 million people. The city covers an area of more than 4.3 thousand km2. Changzhou is a key manufacturing base with high industrial potential, its main industries are biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, technology, new materials, renewable energy, automotive, agricultural and engineering technology. There are more than 4200 large industrial enterprises.

Representatives from RsA Asia will join the event.


February 24th, 2023

RsA Asia promotes participation in events on doing business in the Far East region, focusing on China, Asia-Pacific, and the ASEAN countries. RsA Asia is available for one-to-one meetings on the topic of your interest related to Asian and international business projects. To organize a meeting, kindly send an email to to schedule an appointment.


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