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China and 200 economies - Chongqing 28 Oct

We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming photographic exhibition “China and 200 economies” which will be available to view at the China Italy Chamber of Commerce office in Chongqing from October 29th to December 31st.

Lorenzo Riccardi will be opening the exhibition with a presentation on the 29th of October on China and its global economic development with an introduction to the exhibition of his photography detailing his journey around the world.

Lorenzo has always been fascinated by geo-economics, and he has combined his passion for traveling new frontiers with interest for emerging markets in multiple journeys covering every sovereign nation (

During the event, Lorenzo will show images and economic trends on doing business with China in a global context.

Opening Presentation

Time: 20:00 China time

Date: October 29th

Venue: InterContinental Chongqing Raffles City, Chongqing, China