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China’s IP Development

Recently, 17 authorities including the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) have jointly issued the Opinions on Accelerating the High-quality Development of the Intellectual Property Service Industry (the "Opinions").

The Opinions state that, by 2030, the intellectual property service industry will see a significant improvement in specialization, marketization, and internationalization, and a high-quality development pattern for the intellectual property service industry featured by rich formats of business, reasonable distribution, standardized conduct, high-quality services, and a comprehensive chain will basically be formed, to provide an important underpinning of accelerating the building of China into an intellectual property rights (IPR) power and of high-quality economic development. Among them, the contribution by the industry will continue to increase, with operating revenue from the industry exceeding CNY500 billion. To this end, the Opinions establish tasks such as focusing on comprehensive innovation needs and stimulating momentum for high-quality development; and building a new service system and optimizing the supply of high-quality services. According to the Opinions, China will facilitate the intellectual property service industry to support the high-quality development of trade, support intellectual property service agencies with requisite conditions to establish branches or representative offices abroad, and encourage high-level foreign organizations to provide intellectual property services in China.



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