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CSCC Report 2024

We are pleased to inform you about 'Report 2024', the new publication by CSCC (Centro Studi sulla Cina Contemporanea).

The report focuses on international relations, economic trends, and opportunities for cooperation related to the Chinese market.

Table of contents:

A look at Italy/EU-China relations

Alberto Bradanini

The global South as a new horizon

Michelangelo Cocco

Should we reduce dependence on China?

Sergio Paba

The development of Asia, between China and Asean

Lorenzo Riccardi

The Politecnico di Milano as a geostrategic actor:

University relations and the exercise of soft power

Matteo Bolocan Goldstein

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia towards China

and the Chinese university system

Alessandro Capra

Other perspectives, for a geocultural understanding

of the world, in memory of Franco Mazzei

Matteo Bolocan Goldstein

The report is available to download for free at the following link:


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