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General Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

In China's corporate governance system, the general manager (GM) is a key figure responsible for the overall management and direction of the company. The GM is typically appointed by the board of directors and reports directly to the board.

The roles and responsibilities of the GM in China's corporate governance system are defined in the Article 49 of the current Chinese Company Law, amended in 2018, as follows:

  • oversee the production and business operations of the company and organize the implementation of the resolutions of the board of directors;

  • organize the implementation of the company's annual operational plans and investment plans;

  • draw up plans on the establishment of the company's internal management departments;

  • draw up the company's basic management system;

  • formulate the company's specific rules and regulations;

  • propose the appointment or dismissal of the company's any deputy manager and financial principal;

  • decide on the appointment or dismissal of executive personnel other than those whose appointment or dismissal is to be decided by the board of directors; and

  • any other function or power conferred on the manager by the board of directors or provided in the articles of association.

The GM serves as the company's top executive and ensure that the company operates effectively and efficiently while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.


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