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Investing in Hainan

Located in South-Central China, consisting of various islands, the province of Hainan is an economy based on agriculture, fishing, and the exploitation of mineral resources; it is also acknowledged for significant investments in the tourism sector. Haikou is the capital and most populous city of Hainan province. The province of Hainan covers a total surface area of 35,354 km2 with a population of 10 million inhabitants.

Local authority data shows that Hainan recorded total exports of USD 5 billion and total imports of USD 11 billion, with 2,707 established foreign investment companies. In addition to an average urban salary of USD 11,468.

In terms of GDP among the provinces in China, Hainan ranked 28th, reaching USD 80 billion in 2020 and USD 76 billion in 2019 with a GDP per capita of USD 8,070. Along with GDP growth of +5.8% in 2019 and +3.5% in 2020.

Main Economic Centers (GDP) in Hainan

  • Haikou (USD 26 billion)

  • Sanya (USD 10 billion)

  • Danzhou (USD 5 billion)

  • Chengmai (USD 5 billion)

  • Qionghai (USD 4 billion)

Main Sectors in Hainan

  • Tourism

  • Agricultural products

  • Logistics

  • IT

Main Industrial Areas in