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Jiangsu High-level Talents Policy

Jiangsu – “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Interim Measures for the Residence Permit System for Overseas High-level Talents in Jiangsu Province”.

Jiangsu province is situated in the east part of China. In 2020, its GDP reached the amount of 10,271.9 billion RMB, which places it in the second place in the GDP ranking of Chinese provinces and municipalities. The province is one of China's most economically developed provinces and it is among the main recipients of FDI flowing into China, including Italian ones, focusing on the production of industrial machinery and equipment, electronics, petrochemicals, textiles and new materials. The individual income tax has changed during the years. Following the tax burden in 2022 for foreign individuals, several cities and prefectures are focusing on special awards and incentives to be grated to foreign talents.

Government of Jiangsu Province issued the announcement that qualified overseas high-level talents in Jiangsu Province can receive a policy reward based on the paid individual income tax of salary category for last year, in practice, the local government set the basement as 40%.


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