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Simplified Real Estate Tax Registration

The State Taxation Administration ("STA") and the Ministry of Natural Resources ("MNR") have jointly issued the Circular on Further Deepening Information Sharing and Facilitating Real Estate Registration and Tax Services (the "Circular").

According to the Circular, by the end of 2022, all city-level and county-level competent taxation departments and competent natural resources departments nationwide shall realize real-time information sharing for the whole tax-related process in real estate registration.

The competent natural resources departments shall send the uniformly received real estate registration application and taxation information to the competent taxation departments, which will then send the tax payment information to the competent natural resources departments.

Meanwhile, the Circular requires that, in principle, the joint handling of real estate registration and taxation shall be accepted at the window providing "one-window service", and shall not be handled separately or in series through single window.

By the end of 2022, the on-site "one-window service" for real estate registration and taxation shall cover all cities and counties in China; by the end of 2023, all cities and counties nationwide shall strive to realize "online (portable) handling" for real estate registration and taxation.



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