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Mission in China: Chartered Accountants - 2-10 Nov Italian Embassy

Mission in China: Chartered Accountants and the Foreign Markets

Dates: 2-10 November Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing

Shanghai Roundtable: November 6, 2019


Italian Embassy in Beijing, Italian Consulates in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Unicredit, Italian Trade Agency, Sace, Simest, HTDC

09:30 - 13:00

Shanghai Central Hotel, 555, Jiujiang Road - Shanghai - Conference Room: 5F BaoHe Hall w3+w4

Doing Business in China

Belt and Road Opportunities between Italy and China, and some aspects of the Chinese commercial system.


The Belt and Road, and the relations Italy-China and other countries

Chinese contractual discipline and Chinese company forms

Fiscal and labor law aspects in the interexchange with China

Financial aspects and the support by the credit institutes

E-commerce, trade and duty policies, and protection of the IP

Free Trade Zones

Tips and strategies to support clients that are interested in the Chinese market

Lorenzo Riccardi, Partner of RsA Asia Tax Advisory, will actively participate to the Belt and Road roundtable.

Introducer and moderator - Alessandro Cianfrone

Language: Italian

Accountancy Profession in Italy

The national body, Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili, represents its members, both at national and international level; it oversees and coordinates the activities of the local bodies (Ordini) and issues various regulations and recommendations, including the ethics code. The 143 local bodies monitor, at local level, the behavior of accountants and have disciplinary powers over their members. Moreover, they provide continuing professional education and relevant assessment, in accordance with the CPE Regulation adopted by the National Council.

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