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The Impact of Chinese Megaprojects Between Africa and China

We are pleased to inform you of the upcoming paper titled “The impact of Chinese megaprojects between Africa and China”. The paper discusses China’s megaprojects in the African continent, representing a pivotal partnership that reshapes the African landscape, fostering development and connectivity.

The large-scale initiatives highlight the significance of Sino-African collaboration in enhancing economic and progress across the continent. Through this process, China has become Africa’s largest trading partner, accounting for more than USD 282 billion in trade in 2022, and approximately 16 per cent of Africa’s total manufacturing imports came from China. These investments focused on infrastructure enhancement, job creation, and overall economic growth, improving connectivity, trade, and transportation across the continent.

Currently, these investments cover projects in 35 African countries, with a concentration in Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, and Sudan. These initiatives are centered mainly on three sectors: power generation, with an emphasis on hydropower; transportation, particularly in railroads; ICT sector, mainly in equipment supply.

In 2022, Chinese companies were responsible for 31 per cent of African infrastructure contracts valued at USD 50 million.

This paper includes a detailed analysis of a discussion between Lorenzo Riccardi and the RsA Asia's team, Marco Bonaglia, Lorenzo Riccardi, Alberto Di Minin, Antonio Frisoli.


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