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How to invest in Italy today - Aug. 4, Shanghai

RsA Asia participated as speaker at seminar “How to Invest in Italy Today” organised by China-Italy Chamber in August 2017. China is historically one of Italy’s biggest trading partner and during the last years thanks to a promoted communication and a straightened relation among these two nations, the amount of Chinese Investments to Italy sensibly increased: with a total investment of 22,92 billion USD during the last 12 years, Italy is one of the leading countries in Europe for outbound Chinese investments, especially for transport and energy, respectively with 8.6 and 6.22 billion USD.

After “Industry 4.0 National Plan”, companies with an innovative work approach receive special conditions, considering this scenario and the economic positive prospects for bilateral trade and domestic growth, investors should look optimistically into the future. The success of the event is shown by the notable presence of companies and International private investors present during the event: for further information and to receive the original materials, contact RsA Asia for a meeting at Shanghai headquarter.

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