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Yangtze River Delta Seminar - 11 Nov Shanghai

RsA asia participated in the introduction session of Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone. During the conference was presented how Pinghu is aiming to be the advanced manufacturing base of Zhejiang, promoting traditional industries, introducing foreign investment, and developing high and new technology industries through the Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone (PEDZ).

The PEDZ is in the northwest corner of Pinghu City, which results being in being a strategic position in the Yangtze Delta, close to Shanghai. The total PEDZ planned area is 27.5 km2. It is a provincial-level characteristic zone for the information industry, the only investment zone for Japanese enterprises approved by the Provincial People’s Government in Zhejiang. Untill now, the PEDZ has attracted worldwide enterprises to invest in the economic development zone, including those from Japan, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Spain, the USA, Sweden, Italy, and France. In recent years, more and more European and American enterprises come to Pinghu for investment and their proportion is increasing constantly. So far, 18 Fortune 500 companies have invested in the PEDZ, accounting for 1/8 of Fortune 500 companies in Zhejiang Province. Investment industries mainly include fiber-optic communication, new-type electronic parts and components, precision machinery, and micro motor. The total investment attracted by the PEDZ is about 4 billion US dollars.

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