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Measures for resuming the business activities in Shanghai

Being one of the major business and industrial centers in China, the Municipality of Shanghai issued a Notice on February 5th, to better manage the people traveling or returning to Shanghai after the extended Chinese New Year holiday during the period of prevention and control of the pneumonia outbreak.

According to the Notice, all the individuals arriving in Shanghai shall have their body temperature checked and fill a health declaration form, providing relevant information useful to assess their health condition. Also, all those entering Shanghai shall follow the instructions and the recommendations provided by the community, the work unit, the hotel, or the residence where they live.

The individuals traveling or returning to Shanghai that had a history of visiting or staying in high-risk regions (i.e., Wuhan City, Hubei Province and other risky area) or that have close contacts with confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia, must fulfill a 14-day period of quarantine, during which they have to check the body temperature twice a day and avoid to have contacts with other persons.

In addition, the local authorities require the full cooperation of the employers and working units, which are asked to fulfill their responsibilities in the prevention and the control of the pneumonia outbreak, keep track of the health condition of their employees and staff and manage their return in the safest and smoothest way possible, urging those traveling or returning from high-risk areas or having close contacts with confirmed cases to complete the 14-day period quarantine. Moreover, the employers are encouraged to arrange the return of the employees in a proper way, to avoid the peak crowd times and to adopt flexible work schedules, remote office, or work from home if possible. Once the activity is resumed, the employers shall continue to work on prevention and control of the outbreak, by ensuring a proper place of work and the availability of the necessary disease prevention equipment.

Every company is therefore advised to implement all the necessary procedures to resume the activities and business by safeguarding the health of the employees and contribute to the fight against the outbreak.

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