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Asia Economic Cultural Council

We are pleased to inform you about the Asia Economic Cultural Council, a nonprofit association established in 2023, which focuses on identifying, developing, and promoting international synergies in the economic, cultural, and scientific spheres among Asian countries, with a particular emphasis on the ASEAN region.

The association's primary objective is to serve as a central hub for multidisciplinary and multilateral cooperation involving public institutions, businesses, and various other entities. Its main activities include providing advice and conducting market analysis to facilitate business relations between associations, companies, and institutions in Asian countries. Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in promoting linkages and fostering business relationships among various Asian entities. The Asia Economic Cultural Council organizes networking events such as press conferences, informational seminars, symposia, and roundtable discussions. It also actively participates in events related to its mission. Moreover, the association publishes a wide range of materials, including scientific, popular, and promotional content, to enhance understanding of economic and cultural dynamics in Asia.

The Asia Economic Cultural Council is under the patronage of the S.R Vietnam Consulate in Italy, reflecting an important partnership that fosters cultural and economic endeavors.

Lorenzo Riccardi, managing partner of RsA Asia, is a founding member of the association.


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