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Beijing's GDP per capita growth

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Beijing's per capita gross domestic product (GDP) topped USD 28,000 in 2021, up 40% compared to 2017, remaining the highest among all provincial regions in China. The report highlighted the contribution of high-end industries made to Beijing's economic growth from 2017 to 2021.

Beijing's GDP reached the three trillion yuan mark in 2018 and surpassed the four trillion yuan mark three years later in 2021. Beijing has been fostering new growth drivers for high-quality development under the principle of "seeking progress while maintaining stability."

Over 80% of the city's GDP was generated from its service sector. Beijing also has an advantage as it undergoes industrial upgrading. In 2021, the city's digital economy contributed 40.4% of its GDP, up 4.1 percentage points from 2017. High-tech industries and strategic emerging industries together account for about 25% of GDP (with overlap). Beijing's cultural industries contribute more than 10% of its GDP, which ranks the highest in China.

Research and development (R&D) expenditure in Beijing's total GDP reached 6.44% in 2020, up 0.95 percentage points from 2016. More specifically, Beijing's funds for basic research account for 16.7% of its total R&D funds and 25.7% of the country's total funds for basic research.

Beijing's high-end industrial areas, such as Zhongguancun Science Park, contribute half of the city's economic output. In 2021, their added value reached 2.2 trillion yuan, representing 53.6% of Beijing's GDP, 5.3 points higher than in 2016.


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