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China and Europe in the African Continent 1 Dec

We are pleased to inform you about the seminar “China and Europe in the African Continent” which will be held on December 1, 2023.

This seminar aims to provide insights into the involvement of China and Europe in Africa.

During the last two decades, China has made substantial investments in essential infrastructure across Africa, including the construction of stadiums, highways, railways, airports, educational institutions, and medical facilities, leading to exchange of exports and imports between the two regions.

The Africa-EU Partnership focuses on strengthening economic cooperation and promoting sustainable development. It aims to promote a long-term strategic relationship between the two continents with an emphasis on trade. The European Union is planning to invest USD 300 billion in Africa by 2027.

Lorenzo Riccardi and RsA Asia's team will join the event.


1 December 2023, 13:30 CET


Sant’ Anna - School of Advanced Studies

Institute of Law, Politics and Development (Aula Magna Storica), Pisa, Italy



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