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China-Italy New Tax Treaty 9 Dec

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture “Italy-China: New Tax Treaty and Multilateralism” organized by China Files which will be held on December 9th, 2021.


Lorenzo Riccardi

Tax treaties and double tax agreements are an excellent tool to boost and strengthen the bilateral economic relationship and promote cross-border investments. Currently, thousands of tax treaties and arrangements are in force worldwide.

China has signed 104 double taxation agreements and 16 free trade agreements. International Taxation focuses on the complexity of multi-jurisdiction regulations and different tax systems, gaining new opportunities from International Taxation knowledge and transfer pricing. The webinar will address main issues in international tax trends with a specific focus on double tax conventions and the new China-Italy tax treaty.

Previous China-Italy tax treaty was signed on October 31st, 1986, effective from November 14th, 1989 and applicable since January 1st 1990, the new tax treaty has been signed on March 23rd 2019, approved by the Senate in 2020 and is under the ratification process.

Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo Riccardi is the Managing Director of RsA Asia; he is a CPA specialized in international taxation and has covered roles in the governance of non-profit organizations and multi-national companies including the largest Italian groups in luxury, food and mechanical sectors. He has published extensively on foreign investments in developing and frontier economies.




9th December



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