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China’s FDI +15.9% Nov 2021

According to China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), foreign direct investment (FDI) increased by 15.9 percent from January to November this year to 1.04 trillion yuan ($157.2 billion).

Data from MOFCOM show FDI inflow into China's service sector increased by 17 percent year-over-year and high-tech industries recorded a 19.3-percent jump.

Belt and Road countries and ASEAN invested 24,7% and 23,7% more into the Chinese mainland, respectively.

The Chinese government is committed to reducing the negative list on foreign investment, facilitating services for foreign-funded enterprises and projects, and creating a law-based, international, and convenient business to share its market opportunities globally.

Overall tariffs have been lowered from 15.3 percent to 7.4 percent, which is lower than the 9.8 percent commitment to join the World Trade Organization.


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