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China’s New Public Facilitation Measures

The Ministry of Public Security announced on August 3, 2023 ‘Several Measures to Ensure High-Quality Development of Public Security Organs’. The announcement comprises of 26 measures to innovate the work of public security administration and management services, increase the supply of the system, optimise the management services, enhance the level of security, and provide better services to guarantee high-quality development.

Promote the reform of household registration system

Vigorously promote new urbanisation with people at its core

Improve the system of registering household registration in the place of permanent residence, further relax the conditions for settlement, lower the threshold for settlement, and promote the ability of the agricultural transfer population to move to the city with their families to settle in the city for stable employment and life.

Adjust and optimise settlement policies of large and mega-cities, improve the points-based settlement system, and better resolve the settlement problems of ordinary workers entering the city.

Further relax the conditions for the establishment of collective households, encourage qualified places to cancel the restrictions on the establishment of collective households in units such as talent markets, and promote the establishment of public collective households in townships (streets) or villages (communities), so as to facilitate the settlement of all kinds of personnel.

Explore the co-location of household registration access

Support qualified metropolitan areas or clusters of cities to explore the implementation of household registration access to the same city, the cumulative mutual recognition of years of residence, and mutual recognition of residence permits.

Pilot implementation of flexible settlement policies

College students, scientific and technological talents and veterans of rural areas who apply for settlement due to actual residence, employment and entrepreneurship can move to their places of origin or employment and entrepreneurship, so as to facilitate the integrated development of urban and rural areas.

Convenience for the public

Facilitate rural people to apply for traffic control licences

Promote the decentralisation of small vehicle registration and driving licence examination services to county-level public security organs, and pilot the decentralisation of the registration of medium-sized passenger vehicles and above to qualified county-level public security organs.

Optimise the content of the motorcycle subject one test, improve the organisation of motorcycle tests, and provide convenient traffic control services for the rural masses in their vicinity.

Further promote automobile consumption

Implement the system of advance inspection by manufacturing enterprises and exemption from inspection by vehicle management offices before the registration of new domestic new energy minibuses and other domestic minibuses, so as to further simplify the registration of second-hand vehicles for off-site transactions and the registration procedures for the export of second-hand vehicles.

Actively cooperate in promoting the establishment of a safe and recyclable solid waste recycling system for vehicles, and strongly support the construction of new energy charging piles and supporting parking spaces.

Implement the "one-window service" for public security administrative services

Implement "one-window acceptance and integrated services" for household administration, public security, traffic control, and immigration approval and management matters, gradually realising that the public can do everything through one window.

Continuously promote the "complete online handling" of public security government services

Pilot the complete online handling of high-frequency matters such as new-borns into the household, lost resident ID card replacement (no more than two years after the receipt of the card), residence permits, household registration certificate issuance, etc. and to promote more services to be handled online.

Fully implement the "cross-provincial general office"

The full implementation of the "cross-provincial general office" for matters such as household registration relocation, first-time application for a resident's identity card, application for a temporary resident's identity card, issuance of household registration certificates, and issuance of certificates of non-criminal record, etc.

Implement the "no-certificate, get things done" reform

In accordance with the principle of "reduce what can be reduced and exempt what can be exempted", the process of exempting the public from submitting resident account books, resident identity cards, residence permits, household registration certificates, household transfer certificates, driving licences, passports and other licensing materials will be accelerated for the purpose of doing business.

Pilot "one-shot sharing, one universal photo" document photos

Research and formulate unified standards for the collection of document photos, promote the application of sharing, and solve the problem of multiple and multiple collection of document photos by the public.

Vigorously promote public security government services into communities and rural areas

Strengthen the construction of integrated service windows and police offices in police stations to make it convenient for the public to handle relevant matters in their neighbourhoods.

Apply for port visas and facilitate the exchange of multiple visas for foreign businesspeople coming to China

Foreigners who come to China for business negotiations, trade exchanges, installation and maintenance, participation in exhibitions and conferences, and investment and entrepreneurship, and who are too late to apply for visas to China from abroad, can apply for visas to enter the country at the ports of entry on the basis of letters of invitation from the enterprises and supporting documents.

For those who need to make multiple trips for business purposes, they can apply for a multiple-entry valid business visa within three years after entering China.

Foreigners applying for residence permits are exempted from keeping their passports

Foreigners applying for residence permits in accordance with the provisions of the verification of their valid passports, may retain the original passport, to facilitate the foreigners during this period with a passport for related matters.

Facilitate the reporting of vessels and personnel at sea

Launch the "Safe at Sea" WeChat app, replacing paper-based reporting for ships and personnel going to sea with mobile reporting on mobile phones.

Improve the utilisation of road resources

Promote fine traffic organisation at intersections and continuously optimise the timing of traffic signals.

Set up tidal lanes on roads with obvious tidal characteristics of traffic flow and explore the setting up of multi-occupancy lanes.

Set up time-limited parking spaces in front of schools and hospitals according to local conditions, and support the sharing of parking spaces in residential communities and institutions.

Further promote video express handling of minor traffic accidents.

Facilitate the production and operation of enterprises

Full implement administrative licensing matters list management

For the public security administrative licensing matters in the list, the licensing conditions, application materials, examination and approval procedures, and examination and approval timeframe are clarified item by item and published to the public, so as to speed up the management of the same elements and standards of the same matter in different regions and at different levels.

Pilot decentralisation of the authority for the establishment of security services companies and approval of security guard certificates

The establishment of security service companies by the provincial public security organs decentralised to the municipal public security organs for approval, the issuance of security guard certificates by the municipal public security organs decentralised to the county public security organs, and the implementation of the online registration, appointment and review system for the security guard examination.

Explore the hotel industry "one business, one license" reform

Support local governments to explore and integrate the approval requirements of the hotel industry, and implement "one notification, one form application, one window acceptance, one online handling, one verification, one approval, and one permit".

Facilitate transport logistics and freight vehicles

Further relax the restrictions on the passage of new energy vans and closed trucks on urban roads.

Promote urban truck passages to ensure the smooth entry and exit of trucks to logistics parks and industrial parks in prohibited and restricted areas.

Monitor the traffic operation situation of the road network, strengthen inter-regional co-ordination, establish and improve the guarantee mechanism for diversion, and deal with emergencies such as traffic accidents in a timely manner.

Strict Safety Supervision

Accurately meet the needs of industrial security development

Further expand the communication channels between police and enterprises, promote active policing and preventive policing, and encourage the construction of online and offline police service stations according to the needs of industrial development in places with the conditions to provide convenient services and safety protection.

Ensure the standardised and orderly development of new industries and new models of service

Regulate and standardise new industries and models of service and promote their development, so as to promote the healthy development of new economies such as the sharing economy, net-contracted rooms, private lodgings, e-sports hotels, scripted entertainment venues, and intelligent Internet-connected vehicles.

Continue development with regional police coordination services

Continue to promote cross-provincial handling and mutual recognition of public security, household affairs, traffic control, entry and exit and other services in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, etc., and promote the joint prevention of regional security risks and the common governance of hidden dangers, as well as the coordinated supervision and law enforcement of the protection of the Yangtze River and the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin.

Fully implement the "double random, one open" supervision

The hotel industry, official seal engraving industry, scrap metal acquisition industry, security practice units and security training units will be included in the scope of "double random, one open" inspection, and administrative, legal, economic, credit and other means of supervision will be fully utilised, so as to innovate supervision methods and achieve standardised and effective supervision.

Strengthen safety supervision in key industries and areas

Further improve the safety supervision system and mechanism for firearms, ammunition, explosives, hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals, and vigorously promote source supervision, scientific supervision and accurate supervision, so as to enhance the effectiveness of safety supervision.

Improve road traffic safety supervision of key vehicles and drivers

Establish a collaborative supervision platform mechanism for hazardous chemical transportation departments, improve the traffic safety risk assessment system, deepen the application of electronic waybills and vehicle dynamic monitoring systems for the transportation of hazardous chemicals, and promote the strengthening of closed-loop safety supervision throughout the whole process.

Comprehensively investigate and eliminate potential safety hazards in key vehicles, key enterprises and key road sections, and focus on key traffic violations.

Protect the property rights of enterprises and the legitimate rights and interests of operators in accordance with the law

Crack down on criminal activities such as bullying, network marketing, smuggling, illegal business, intellectual property rights infringement and the production and sale of counterfeit and low-grade goods in accordance with the law, so as to maintain a fair and competitive market order.

Crack down on all types of illegal and criminal activities that infringe on the property rights of enterprises and the legitimate rights and interests of operators, and insist on pursuing the recovery of stolen property and recovering losses with the investigation and solving of cases, so as to minimise the losses of enterprises.

Further standardise law enforcement activities involving enterprises, strengthen law enforcement supervision in connection with reporting and filing, application of compulsory measures, cooperation in handling cases in different places, seizure and freezing of goods, and improve the inspection and supervision mechanism.

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial translation from an official announcement that has been provided for informational purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, this translation may not reflect the precise wording and nuances of the original document in its entirety. Please refer to the original source for accurate and authoritative information. Should any discrepancies arise between the unofficial translation and the original document, the latter shall prevail.



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