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China's international trade + 37.4% H1 2021

China's international trade surged to 2,785 USD billion in the first half of this year, increasing by 37.4% compared to the first 6-month period of 2020.

According to the latest data release of the China General Administration of Customs, China's exports in the first six months of this year jumped to 1,518 USD billion, up by 38.6% compared to the corresponding first half of 2020. In the same period, imports increased by 36.0% to 1,267 USD billion.

The ASEAN, European Union, and the United States were confirmed as the top three trading partners of China, accounting respectively for 14.7%, 13.9%, and 12.2% of total China's international trade.

The Customs' data also confirmed the positive momentum of the trade flow between China and Italy in this first half of the year, showing an increase of the trade flow by 46.5%, higher than Germany (+34.2%), France (+39.0%), and the Netherlands (+32.5%). In particular, imports from Italy soared by 72.2% to 15.5 USD billion, and exports to Italy increased by 31.0% to 19.5 USD billion.


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