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China Tax Payment Credit Rating

The State Taxation Administration ("STA") has recently issued the Announcement on Relevant Matters Concerning Tax Payment Credit Rating and Repair (the "Announcement"), with effect from January 1, 2022.

The Announcement sets forth the provisions on extending the scope of tax payment credit repair, supporting tax payment credit repair for enterprises subject to bankruptcy reorganization, adopting the system of "exemption from punishment for first violation", among others.

The Announcement adds new provisions on the circumstances for the tax payment credit repair for enterprises with serious dishonest acts and those subject to bankruptcy reorganization.

For enterprises that have met one of five circumstances specified in Article One of the Announcement, if they have corrected their dishonest act related to tax payment credit and performed tax-related legal liability, the information on the party with dishonest act will not be disclosed or has ceased to be disclosed (in case of major violation), and there are no new records of tax payment dishonesty in the tax management system for six months or 12 months, or where other conditions are met, they may apply to tax authority for tax payment credit repair.


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