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Company Valuation in China 2 Nov CEIBS

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture "Company Evaluation in China" which will be held on November 2nd, 2021, open to all CEIBS University students.


Lorenzo Riccardi


The primary objective of the course is to develop a comprehensive understanding of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers in both academic and practical perspectives. This course will cover all major elements of the acquisition process focusing on financing decisions, valuation, restructuring options, cross-border acquisitions, and regulatory trends. It will also use cases and real-world applications to develop skills necessary to prepare and evaluate a proposed transaction.


1. Overview on mergers, acquisitions and takeovers

2. Direct and indirect taxation M&A

3. Asset vs Equity Deals

4. M&A and Corporate Restructuring

5. Valuing target businesses

【Course highlight】

M&A is an aspect of corporate strategy focusing on development and growth with specific targets (e.g. market shares, effectiveness, efficiency, knowhow, other aspects) using external ways instead of building them inside the company.

In M&A projects it is crucial to evaluate potential targets, conduct an effective due diligence process, evaluate the tax implications of different mergers, acquisitions and takeovers strategies. Tax involved in a M&A transaction is also a key factor to design the best investment strategy.


Established under an agreement between the Chinese government and the European Commission in Shanghai in November 1994, CEIBS was the first business school in mainland China to offer a full-time MBA, an Executive MBA and a wide range of Executive Education programmes. CEIBS follows the European model of business schools. Its MBA programme has consistently ranked amongst the best in the world.

Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo Riccardi is the Managing Director of RsA Asia; he is a CPA specialized in international taxation and has covered roles in the governance of non-profit organizations and multi-national companies including the largest Italian groups in luxury, food and mechanical sectors. He has published extensively on foreign investments in developing and frontier economies.


CEIBS Business School


2nd November


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