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The Art System 22 Sep

We are pleased to inform you about the event “The Art System” which will be held on September 22nd, 2023.

The art system, a concept born in the mid-twentieth century, is that network of operators in the art world which includes: artists, works, collectors, curators, galleries, museums, etc.

In recent years, the art system, in continuous change, has been enriched by a fundamental actor: the territory.

The conference therefore arises from the need to reflect on the change that the world of culture, specifically that of art and museums, brings about on the territory in which it is located.

The cultural world therefore unites with management, becoming an opportunity for the enhancement of the territory through exhibitions, new museum structures, social campaigns and more.

It will also be investigated how the art and cultural heritage of a country/State can be the vehicle for twinning and exchanges with other very distant countries/States. Specifically, alongside the conference, the photographic exhibition for the exchange between San Marino and China will be exhibited, on the occasion of the twinning between the City of San Marino and the City of Xiamen.

Representatives from RsA Asia will join the event.


September 22nd



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