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Belt Road Tax Planning at ESSCA - Oct. 19, Shanghai

ESSCA School of Management organizes a course focusing on Doing Business in China and the Belt Road for ESSCA students in 2018. Lorenzo Riccardi will coordinate the course "International Tax along the Belt Road”.

Lecture: Belt Road Tax Planning

Friday 19th October

Time: 9:00 - 16:30

Location: ESSCA School of Management, 297 Wusong road, 4th floor

Participation: the course is for ESSCA students but managers interested may require to participate free of charge asking availability by email at

The object of these course is to present Belt Road (BRI) opportunities and International Tax key elements.

Optimise the implementation of tax treaties and bilateral double taxation agreements to create a favourable environment which protects Chinese companies which desire to invest abroad. At present, China has signed 102 double taxation agreements of which about 60 of those were signed with countries involved in the Belt and Road project.

The Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most ambitious and relevant projects in both economic and political terms. BRI focuses on the creation of vast economic areas constituted by +70 countries that are geographically placed on two main corridors.

International Taxation focuses on complexity of multi-jurisdiction regulations and different tax systems, gaining new opportunities from International Taxation knowledge and transfer pricing.This seminar will explore how both, businesses and International Taxation practices, are reacting in Asia. Mr. Riccardi will address main issues in International Taxation, such as state aids, tax havens, double taxation conventions and tax planning techniques in order to minimize the tax burden on income and profits, and to understand critical tax laws and regulations affecting cross-border transactions.

Lorenzo Riccardi

Long term expertise in international tax consulting with specific focus on East Asia and emerging markets, providing clients with due diligence, tax and advisory services. PhD Researcher at Shanghai University, he has been Adjunct Associate Professor at XJTLU and has taught taxation at Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Tongji University and Hult Business School. Tax Advisor and CPA specialized in international taxation at IBFD Kuala Lumpur, Post-graduate degree from UIBE Beijing. He is based in Shanghai, where he focuses on business and tax law, assisting foreign investments in China and East Asia.

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