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Focus on China IIT reform at SJTU - Oct 20, Shanghai

We are pleased to inform you about the new lecture on Personal Tax Reform and China Fiscal System, organized at Shanghai Jiaotong University. On June 19, 2018 the draft amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law has been submitted to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for reviewing. Starting from October 1st a first phase of implementation has started; regulation will enter into force on 1st January 2019 aiming to to achieve a better income distribution, reduce the tax burdens for taxpayers and increase the consumption expenses, the draft amendment includes significant changes to the current IIT law.

The lecture will be held Saturday 20th October 2018 at the Shanghai Jiao Tong Changning Campus and will focus on topics as reforms, individual and company taxation, VAT and other taxes, tax incentives and subsidies granted to enterprises and individuals.

Time: 9:30 - 16:30

Date: 20th October 2018

Location: Room 105 North Building, 535 Fa Hua Zhen Rd, Changning, Shanghai


Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo has taught taxation at Xian Jiao Tong Liverpool University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Tongji University and Hult Business School. Tax Advisor and Certified Public Accountant specialized in international taxation at IBFD Kuala Lumpur, PhD resear