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Conference Fashion in China - Jan. 10, Shanghai

We are pleased to inform you about the partecipation of RsA at panel Fashion and Luxury in China at #BNE FASHION, on 10th January 2019 at W Hotel Shanghai. Lorenzo Riccardi will partecipate as panelist on luxury industry in China.

Fashion continues to be one of Asia's top industries, accounting for nearly half of the world's luxury goods. The sector in China is characterized by a fierce competition and today's fashion and luxury entrepreneur must become well aware of the unlimited opportunities and the high complexities that exist in the industry. Any entrepreneur willing to succeed in China must tailor all strategies and business plans to the specific market segment, while maintaining a high proactive attitude and strong skillset. Lorenzo Riccardi has assisted and has covered roles as supervisor and board member a number of top international fashion brands in China.


Conference Panel (6:00 – 7:00 pm)

  • Max Perez

  • Katya Lambert

  • Lorenzo Riccardi

  • Rozemerie Cuevas

  • Max Myers

  • Josephine Liu Davis

  • Charlotta Gandolfo

Fashion Show (7:30 pm)

W Hotel, n. 66 Lvshun Lu, Shanghai, China

RSVP only / 600 CNY

Participation is under invitation, contact RsA Asia if interested in this event.

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