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RsA enters SAAA with focus China-Africa

We are glad to inform you that Lorenzo Riccardi entered the Southern Africa Accounting Association (SAAA) as a new member to promote Joint Ventures projects between Chinese and European Groups in the African continent. SAAA is an association with a research focus in the field of Accountancy, thought conferences, meetings, discussions, papers, and is recognised as the representative body of accountancy academics in Southern Africa. Lorenzo Riccardi joined the Africa - China Economic Forum as panelist for the African Chamber in Beijing in 2018, following the opening speech of President Xi Jinping at Cooperation Forum and has been invited as speaker at several conferences on Belt Road projects in the African continent. RsA collected data on main infrastructural projects of the globalized economy of Beijing in different regions and with a specific focus on Africa, to explore new trends and opportunities in M&A and trade, doing business with China on new emerging and frontier markets. China is investing in most of the 54 countries in Africa and specifically in the top GDP economies (Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco). Africa is the youngest continent of the world and within 2050 there will be higher population growth in Africa than in Asia; Nigeria will overtake the United States as the third most populous country of the globe. With more than 3,000 infrastructural projects and +200 billion USD of trade volume, today almost one-third of China’s total revenue from abroad comes from Africa

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