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EU-China Summer School – Jul. 8, Unimore RE

The swift transformations in the Chinese economy, society and politics are major topics discussed in our media, academia and by policymakers. New analytic frameworks can help us exploring the contrasting narratives on contemporary China, seizing the opportunities unfolding in front of us. Rethink the Chinese way of development with our challenging lessons, engage yourself in the scenery of a 19th century neoclassical building by debating with Kerry Brown, Markus Taube, Yu Jie and other outstanding scholars.

The course starting from the 8th of July and ending the 19th of July 2019 will have worldwide scholars, with an opening ceremony and opening lecture given by Alberto Bradanini, former Italian Ambassador to China

EU-China Summer School – UNIMORE 8th-19thJuly

Program and lecturers:

Alberto Bradanini - CSCC President, former Italian Ambassador to China

The EU Fiction and Reality in the Framework of the Economic Dialogue with China

Kerry Brown - Director of the Lau China Institute at King's College, London

Brexit and the EU 2019 Elections, How the Chinese Elite Views the Future of Europe

What Does Xi Jinping New Era Mean for Europe

Markus Taube - Chair of East Asian Economic Studies/China, Mercator School of Management, Berlin

Sino-European Economic Relations at a Crossroad, Contemporary Patterns and Fundamental Challenges Ahead

Industry 4.0-Made in China 2025: Innovation Patterns in Comparison

Sergio Paba -