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China 2020 - legal and tax news - 7 Feb Reggio Emilia

This seminar concerning China is scheduled for 7th of February at 9.30 am in Reggio Emilia.The purpose of the seminar is to take stock of the Chinese legal and fiscal environment, which has been marked by important developments which concern the work of foreign exporters and investors.

Topic: Chinese Tax Updates 2020

Chinese tax regulations include direct taxes, indirect taxes, other taxes, custom duties and from a collection point of view, China's tax administration adopts a very devolved system, with revenue collected and shared between different levels of government in accordance with contracts between the different levels of the tax administration system.

This seminar will focus on 2020 updates from tax and corporate regulations and the benefits for foreign enterprises.

RsA Asia Tax Advisory

RsA Asia is a leading tax and advisory firm assisting companies, multinational groups and institutions in East Asia. The Firm focuses on China and Far East markets with a team of CPAs and Financial Advisors.

Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo has taught taxation at Xian Jiao Tong Liverpool University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Tongji University and Hult Business School. A Tax Advisor and Certified Public Accountant specialized in international taxation and PhD researcher in Asian tax at Shanghai University Lorenzo is based in Shanghai, where he focuses on business and tax law, assisting foreign investments in China and East Asia.


Unindustria Reggio Emilia

Via Toschi 30 / a 42121 Reggio Emilia


9:15 am

Accreditation. 9:30 am

Greeting addresses.

9:45 am

The new law on foreign investment in China and the importance of the new Social Ranking System for foreign investors.

10:15 am Taxation in China and 2020 tax news.

10:45 am

Answers to questions and conclusions.

11:00 am Start of individual meetings by appointment.

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