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China tax deadline extended in April 2020

The State Administration of Taxation issued on March 30th the Circular regarding the extension of the tax declaration deadline in April 2020 (Shuizonghan no. 55 2020).

According to the Circular, the tax deadline in April is postponed from April 20th to April 24th, 2020, nationwide. However, in Hubei Province, the competent tax authority can further extend the deadline may be further delayed according to the specific situation.

Taxpayers in difficulty that are not able to handle the tax filing on time can still apply with the competent tax authorities in order to postpone the tax declaration and the related payments.

This extension is the third of its kind in 2020 since the State Administration of Taxation had already extended the tax deadline in February and March as a measure to support the taxpayers and the withholding agents during the COVID-19 control and prevention period in handling tax issues.

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