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The Great Decoupling in Economic Relations 29 Aug

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture “The Great Decoupling in Economic Relations” organized by RsA Asia which will be held in lecture hall and online via Zoom on 29 August 2020. RsA and the Global EBA program have a series of lectures on different topics of interest on China and Asian markets.

Date: 29 Aug 2020

Time:14:00-17:00 (Beijing Time, China)

Venue: 29th floor, 3000 Zhong Shan Bei Lu. Metro: Exit 4, Turn left, Cao Yang Lu Metro Station

Online: Zoom Platform

To register for the free class, please contact


- Learn about the interdependency of the biggest economies

- Gain an overview of the current state of the global economy and financial markets

- Understand the implications for their own businesses and industries

- U.S.-China relations since the opening up of China

- Current challenges between the two nations that also impact other countries

Content :

Lorenzo Riccardi

- introduction of Global EBA

- past and next lectures

- China - US and future trends

Allen Wan

- Overview of the global economy and financial markets

- China - US relations since the opening up

- Current challenges

Lorenzo Riccardi - RsA Asia, Head of EBA at SJTU

Lorenzo Riccardi is the Managing Director of RsA Asia (; he is a CPA specialized in international taxation and has covered roles in the governance of non-profit organizations and multi-national companies including the largest groups in luxury, food and mechanical sectors. He has published extensively on foreign investments in developing and frontier economies ( he is the head of Global EBA program for Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Allen Wan - Deputy Bureau Chief at Bloomberg News

Allen Wan is the Deputy Bureau Chief at Bloomberg News, before transferring to Shanghai eight years ago, he worked in the New York office as a news editor. He is the former Asia bureau chief for CBS MarketWatch in Tokyo and also worked in the Washington, San Francisco and London offices. He was former reporter for Asiaweek magazine in Hong Kong and was a correspondent and editor for Reuters in Hong Kong, China and Tokyo. He graduated cum laude in political science from Boston University and received a masters in foreign affairs from Georgetown University and a juris doctorate from Rutgers Law School-Newark. He led the MarketWatch team that won the SABEW Best Business Reporting award and has also won awards at Bloomberg and Reuters. He has received fellowships from the German Marshall Fund that took him across Europe, the Poynter Institute and Knight in Maryland. He worked at the U.S. State and Treasury departments during the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) is one of China’s oldest and most respected universities, established in 1896 in Shanghai. SJTU is rated among the TOP 4 University in China and is one of the most influential academic institutions in China, since many of China’s leading politicians, intellectuals, scientists and engineers have been educated in SJTU.

RsA Asia Tax Advisory

RsA Asia is an advisory firm assisting companies, multinational groups and institutions in East Asia. The Firm focuses on China and Far East markets with a team of CPAs and Financial Advisors.

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