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China-Asia Pacific Business Trends 12 Apr

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture “China-Asia Pacific Business Trends” organized by RsA Asia and the EBA program which will be held on April 12th 2022.


Participants will learn about the geo-economics of Asia and the Pacific regions. Establish who are the key players in every region: Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Develop an understanding of different regional economic partnerships, with the aim of knowing the role of the ASEAN, its members and observers, while learning the functions of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Then applying this understanding to the trade agreements, trade facilitation and investment flows between countries.

Course highlights:

The objective will be achieved through lectures, case studies and class discussions. Lectures and readings will develop the main theories while class discussion will refer to the rich background of classmates and the experiences of the lecturers. Finally, case studies will permit participants to focus on real cases and current issues and developments. The course highlights the main business partners, trade agreements and future economic trends for investors interested in the Asia pacific region and interaction with the global market.




12 April, 19:00 China time


Lorenzo Riccardi - RsA Asia



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