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China’s Incentives for Green Building Construction

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) and two other departments have released the Circular on Expanding the Coverage of the Policy for Supporting Green Building Materials through Government Procurement and Promoting Construction Quality Improvement (the "Circular").

The Circular clarifies that, starting from November 2022, the policy for supporting green building materials through government procurement and promoting construction quality improvement will be rolled out in 48 cities (municipal districts), including Chaoyang District in Beijing Municipality, as well as the six pilot cities announced previously. The projects covered in the policy include government procurement construction projects ranging from hospitals, schools, office buildings, complexes, exhibition halls, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums to affordable housing, including those for which bidding law is applicable. The Circular specifies that relevant cities may select some projects for trial implementation, and then gradually expand the scope of implementation upon learning from the good practices, and shall seek to realize full coverage by 2025. Other government investment projects are encouraged to be included in the scope of implementation.



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