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China’s Net Zero Carbon Policies

Nine departments, including the Ministry of Science and Technology ("MOST"), have recently released the Implementation Plan for Supporting Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality with Science and Technology (2022-2030) (the "Plan").

The Plan, in response to the carbon emission bases for major industries in China and the estimated carbon emission reduction demand by 2060, systematically sets out the innovation direction for supporting carbon peak and carbon neutrality with science and technology, coordinates the building of low-carbon technology demonstrations and bases, talent development, the fostering of low-carbon technological enterprises, international cooperation and other measures, and urges the output, demonstration and application of scientific and technological results, with a view to providing scientific and technological support for the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. To this end, the Plan proposes ten specific actions, including the actions to provide technological support for green and low-carbon energy transformation, to make breakthrough in low-carbon and zero-carbon industrial process reengineering technology, and to make key breakthrough in low-carbon and zero-carbon technology in construction and transportation sectors. Among others, the Plan stresses the efforts to utilize the resource endowment mainly characterized by coal, focus on the clean and efficient use of coal, increase the consumption capacity of new energy, promote the optimal combination of coal and new energy, ensure national energy security, and reduce carbon emissions.



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