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Customs Rules for CIIE

The General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has recently issued the Announcement [2022] No. 62 to publish the Customs Clearance Notice for the Fifth China International Import Expo of 2022 and the Facilitation Measures of the Customs for the Fifth China International Import Expo of 2022.

According to the Announcement, relevant facilitation measures include issuing a customs clearance notice to provide detailed guidelines; setting up a normalized service agency for quick response; deepening technological applications and creating intelligent supervision & service mode, among others. The Announcement specifies that, for the inbound animals and plants and their products, food of animal and plant origin and the Chinese medical herbs that require administrative approval involving inspection and quarantine, Shanghai Customs and related Customs are authorized to handle the approval procedures in the nearest locality, and the relevant approvals shall be completed within three working days; in accordance with the principle of "facilitation and operability", Shanghai Customs is entrusted to exercise the power of acceptance and examination on the overseas production enterprises of the imported aquatic products, dairy products and cubilose sold in the exhibition area, which are exempted from overseas on-site examination. After the examination, the GAC will issue temporary registration documents.



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