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EU-China Bilateral Relations 2023

Throughout 2023, the diplomatic relations between the European Union (EU) and China were marked by a series of significant engagements and dialogues, highlighting the multifaceted nature of their partnership. From high-level consultations on diplomatic policies to visits between key representatives, these activities underscored the mutual commitment of both entities to deepen cooperation and address common challenges.

Numerous promotional activities have taken place in the diplomatic relations between the EU and China during 2023, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal:

  • Head of the Department of European Affairs of the Foreign Ministry Gives an Interview to the Media on the 24th China-EU Summit (2023-12-08).

  • Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong and Deputy Secretary-General of the European External Action Service Enrique Mora Hold China-EU Diplomatic Policy Consultations (2023-11-28).

  • Special Representative of the Chinese Government on European Affairs Wu Hongbo Visits EU Headquarters (2023-02-15).


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