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Light Industry Development

Recently, five authorities including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") have jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Light Industry (the "Opinions").

The Opinions propose the following objectives to be attained by 2025: to significantly improve the comprehensive strength of light industry and ensure a stable proportion of light industry in the industry, to exert obvious functions in expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, and to enhance the capability of serving the building of a new development pattern and promoting high-quality economic and social development. Accordingly, the Opinions have established the main tasks of strengthening the strategic support of scientific and technological innovation, of building a high-quality supply system, of improving the modernization level of the industrial chain, and of further promoting the green and low-carbon transformation. Among them, the Opinions call for efforts to accelerate making key technological breakthroughs, specifically, targeting the weak links in such industries as the papermaking, household appliances, and daily chemicals, authorities will consider formulating and releasing a number of technological innovation roadmaps in key areas, implement open competition measures, further promote technology research and development, engineering and industrialization, and accelerate the establishment of core technology system, improve the technical level of the industry. Facing the major consumer demands in the future, efforts will be made to promote the establishment of a cross-sector and cross-disciplinary communication mechanism, and to strengthen the planning for strategic frontier technologies.



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