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Nanjing Talents Incentives

Nanjing - “Jiangbei New Area (Free Trade Pilot Zone) High-level Talent Award Supplement Implementation Measures (Trial)”.

Nanjing is situated in the south-west part of Jiangsu province. In 2020, its GDP reached the amount of 1,481.795 billion RMB, which places it in second place in the GDP ranking of Jiangsu province. The city has two main industrial areas: one is known as “Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone”, whereas the other is called “Nanjing High-tech Industrial Development Zone”. The individual income tax has changed over the years. Following the tax burden in 2022 for foreign individuals, several cities and prefectures are focusing on special awards and incentives to be granted to foreign talents.

Comprehensive Department of the Jiangbei New District Working Committee of the Nanjing Municipal issued the announcement at 9th Mar. 2021 that a company in the required industry and registered in Jiangbei New Area newly introduces high-level talents with annual salary income more than CNY 500,000 could receive reward 90% of the personal economy contributions to the new district in the previous year from January 1 2021 and last for one year.


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