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Suzhou Foreign Talents Policy

Suzhou – “​Several Measures to Facilitate the Work and Life of Foreign Talents”.

Suzhou is situated in the south part of Jiangsu province. In 2020, its GDP reached the amount of 2,017.05 billion RMB, which places it in the first place in the GDP ranking of Jiangsu province. The city has two main industrial areas: one is known as “Suzhou Industrial Park”, whereas the other is called “Suzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone”. The individual income tax has changed during the years. Following the tax burden in 2022 for foreign individuals, several cities and prefectures are focusing on special awards and incentives to be grated to foreign talents.

Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee issued the announcement at 22nd Feb. 2021 that qualified foreign high-end talents with an annual salary of CNY 400,000 and above and paying individual income tax in the Suzhou Free Trade Zone will be rewarded at a rate from 5% to 20% of the annual salary from the measures issuing date.


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