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Zhongshan and Economic Trends

Zhongshan is a prefecture-level and a regional centre in southern Guangdong province. The northern part of the city, including most of the urbanized area, is located on the floodplains of the Pearl River delta, while the southern part extends over a chain of coastal hills. The city extends across an area of 1,800 square kilometers and has a population of 4.4 million. It has no county-level division, but the municipal government does group the 24 township-level divisions into five district areas.

Zhongshan is now at the center of a fully developed home appliance industry chain that includes several of China's biggest appliance manufacturers. The city has achieved success in a number of industry sectors, including home appliances, garments, electronics, lighting, furniture, and hardware. Additionally, it plans to expand in the areas of conventions and exhibitions, cultural tourism, and modern logistics. Moreover, four service sectors are targeted for development which include technology, information, health, and business.

In 2021, the GDP reached 357 billion RMB, up 8.2% compared to the previous year, while the GDP per capita amounted to 80,500 RMB. The total value of Zhongshan’s international trade reached 270 billion RMB in 2021, with the exports amounting to 224 billion RMB and the total value of imports to 46 billion RMB.

The Chinese City Tier System consists of a system of tiers used by analysts to classify Chinese cities and rank them in a hierarchy. Cities in different tiers reflect differences in consumer behaviour, income level, population size, consumer sophistication, infrastructure, talent pool, and business opportunity.


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