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RsA Asia - Accounting for International Development

Aware of and willing to contribute to the socially-oriented goals of Accounting for International Development (AfID), RsA Asia now joins AfID to help the provision of accounting services for communities that face economic struggles and need advise from certified accountants.

AfID ( is an organisation that offers accountants from around the world the opportunity to use their skills to globally support a broad range of non-profit organisations. Their ongoing strategy is to build the financial management capacity of charities and this guides the operations of AfID in all 50 countries in which it operates. This area mainly includes South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where the percentage of the population which lives in extreme poverty reaches 41% and 57%, respectively (World Bank).

AfID’s partners are international NGOs, hospitals, micro-finance organisations, conservation projects, women’s empowerment programmes and schools. These partners fight against extreme poverty and inequality in their communities but due to their limited resources are unable to access vital accounting and financial management training.

The main focus of all AfID assignments is to develop and enhance the skills, confidence and potential of local people. This will enable organisations to ultimately have the financial management capacity they need to deliver more effective and sustainable programmes to their many beneficiaries while maintaining good relations with their donors.

RsA ( will contribute to the promotion of AfID jobs in the countries where it operates. This will be achieved through the network of accounting companies and periodical events where the achievements and projects of AfID will be shared.

The following positions are currently available for applicants through AFiD.

CAMBODIA | NGO using Football to Support Marginalised Communities

Our partner runs an accelerated Education Programme, while a Football Programme is used to educate and support marginalised communities. Volunteer required to review financial procedures, systems and controls.

Duration: 3-6 Weeks Resources: Affordable Accommodation

GUINEA | Youth-led Movement Tackling Unemployment

Our partner is a youth-led movement working to end unemployment in West Africa through investing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ignite social change. French speaking volunteer required to help them move to an international version of QuickBooks.

Duration: 6-8 Weeks Resources: Accommodation & Visa Provided

GUATEMALA | NGO Working to Protect the Mesoamerican Reef

Our partner raises funds for programs to protect coastal & marine areas in the region, sustainable fishing practices and climate change management. They require a Spanish speaking volunteer to help them strengthen their internal accounting processes.

Duration: 4-8 Weeks Resources: Accommodation Provided

LAOS | Wildlife Rescue and Release Service

Our partner provide a multi-species rescue service which spans country wide, working amidst prominent illegal wildlife trade routes. They are looking to build more robust financial management systems and are in need of guidance, advice and training.

Duration: 4 Weeks + Resources: Accommodation Provided

KENYA | Social Enterprise Promoting Quality Early Childhood Care

Our partner supports small day-care businesses servicing marginalised and low-income families in Nairobi. You will be creating the platform and policies to manage their microloan system provided for the day-care providers as their current system is not fit for purpose.

Duration: 1-2 Months Resources: Flights & Accommodation Provided

CAMBODIA | NGO Fighting Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Our partner runs an advice and support hotline for victims of trafficking and exploitation, connecting them with legal advice, counselling, and vocational training. Support required to help them move from what is still a largely paper based system to an electronic one.

Duration: 4-8 Weeks Resources: Affordable Accommodation

VIETNAM | Charity Supporting Children from Disadvantaged Communities

Our partner's education programmes are designed to provide opportunity, resources and tailored support to marginalised groups. They require support in reviewing the delegation of duties in the finance team, helping to reorganise and streamline where possible.

Duration: 3-6 Weeks Resources: Affordable Accommodation

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