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Conscious Consumerism in China 15 Jun

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture “Conscious Consumerism in China: Trends of 2021” organized by RsA Asia and the EBA program which will be held on June 15th 2021.


By sharing Apple's personal hero's journey of staying in 99 homes around the world for 606 days, to explore different formats of homes and different lifestyles, she can inspire the audience to reflect and strengthen the universal traits that can help us discover the authentic self and build courage and resilience in front of uncertainty. This is very relevant in becoming an entrepreneur and running a business in the current age with great uncertainties.

These traits include curiosity, courage, passion, resilience, adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

【Course highlight】

1. Curiosity, Courage & Passion: how to explore and nurture our innate traits of curiosity, courage and passion

2. Resilience & Adaptability

3. Capability & problem-solving ability

4. Practical Tips: Based on a personal hero's journey, how to adapt, adjust and keep the source of courage and calm


Lorenzo Riccardi

RsA Asia Managing Partner


Chenyu Zheng

Best Selling Author, Brand Strategist

EBA Program

The Global Elite of Business Administration (EBA), a course supported by RsA asia, has been designed to provide professionals with a thorough understanding of how to conduct business in China. The course offers candidates practical know how and expertise in multiple disciplines, with a focus on finance and taxation, and aims to provide concrete knowledge and case studies which will prepare students for the challenges of doing business in China.


Zoom / On Campus


15 June 19:00 - 21:00 China time



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