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Journey into China 25 Sep

We are pleased to inform you about the lecture “Journey into China - Economic Trends in Every Province”, travel to every region and discover every province, every administrative capital, every prefecture, every first, second, third-tier city, every economic trend in this giant market, organized by RsA Asia and the EBA program which will be held on September 25th, 2021.


The primary objective of the course is to develop an understanding of the different provinces of China, their economies, development trends and the unique factors they possess. This course will provide the students with an introduction to the administrative and economic regions of China, a macroeconomic overview of each province, and a commentary on the key development trends.


- Overview on regional divisions

- China macro economic data

- Key Economic trends by province and cities

- A to Z regional economic data

【Course highlight】

Today China is the leading economy in terms of exports, trade, and volume of foreign direct investment.

The first reforms and opening up to foreign investment occurred in the late 1970s which allowed China to embark on a path of economic growth, culminating in China joining the World Trade Organization as a member in December 2001. From this date, China has gradually become the main player on the international markets in terms of volume of goods traded.

The opening of China to foreign investment has also allowed the entry of new capital through foreign investors, initially to exploit the enormous production capacity of the country and subsequently to be present in the domestic market and to satisfy the growing internal demand. This trend has initiated structural changes in the Chinese economy, triggering a process of transformation from a low-cost global production centre to a destination market for goods and services.

In addition, due to social and tax reforms, many investors have begun to prefer direct investment in Mainland China, without using an investment vehicle in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

EBA Program

The Global Elite of Business Administration (EBA), a course supported by RsA asia, has been designed to provide professionals with a thorough understanding of how to conduct business in China. The course offers candidates practical know how and expertise in multiple disciplines, with a focus on finance and taxation, and aims to provide concrete knowledge and case studies which will prepare students for the challenges of doing business in China.

Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo Riccardi is the Managing Director of RsA Asia; he is a CPA specialized in international taxation and has covered roles in the governance of non-profit organizations and multi-national companies including the largest Italian groups in luxury, food and mechanical sectors. He has published extensively on foreign investments in developing and frontier economies.


Zoom / On Campus


25 September 14:00 - 17:00 China time



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