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RsA Asia China Outlook 2023

RsA Asia has published the China Outlook 2023, updated with all provincial data to reflect the current state of the economy and forecasts for its future performance.

China has a vast territory with diverse administrative and economic regions, each playing a significant role in the country's overall economic development. It is divided into 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities directly under the central government, and two special administrative regions. Each region has a specific focus on different sectors.

The provinces which are the primary administrative divisions, play a crucial role in China's economic landscape. They vary in terms of population, geographic size, natural resources, and economic development levels. The autonomous regions have a higher degree of self-governance and are home to various ethnic minority groups. The municipalities are directly under the central government, which are key economic centers, and the special administrative regions with their distinct characteristics contribute to China's overall economic growth.

The outlook provides a general introduction to China administrative and economic regions, offers a macroeconomic overview of each province divided by macro-area, and highlights key economic trends, including details on different-tier cities, GDP by prefecture, main economic centers, contribution to GDP by sector, number of foreign investment, trade data, average urban salary, main industrial areas, free trade zones by province and others.

The RsA Asia China Outlook 2023 hard copies are freely available at all of RSA's events or can be obtained from our head office in Shanghai.



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