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Investing in Liaoning

Located in Northeast China, the province of Liaoning is well-known for its rich deposits of raw materials and oil. Besides, Liaoning province is acknowledged for the high concentration of state-owned companies operating in heavy industries, particularly in the steel, petrochemical, and industrial automobile, and machinery industries. Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province and the largest city in Northeast China. The province of Liaoning covers a total surface area of 145,900 km2 with a population of 42.6 million inhabitants.

Local authority data shows that Liaoning Province recorded total exports of USD 38 billion and total imports of USD 56 billion, with 17,028 established foreign investment companies. In addition to an average urban salary of USD 10,174.

In terms of GDP among the provinces in China, Liaoning ranked 16th, reaching USD 364 billion in 2020 and USD 358 billion in 2019 with a GDP per capita of USD 8.363. Along with GDP growth of +5.5% in 2019 and +0.6% in 2020.

Main Economic Centers (GDP) in Liaoning

  • Dalian (USD 102 billion)

  • Shenyang (USD 95 billion)

  • Anshan (USD 25 billion)

  • Yingkou (USD 19 billion)

  • Panjin (USD 19 billion)

Main Sectors in Liaoning

  • Raw materials

  • Automotive

  • Industrial machinery

  • Petrochemical

Main Industrial Areas in Liaoning