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Weilai: the Future of China

Wèi lái (未来), in mandarin “future”, is a newsletter about China from the newspaper Domani.

The future of China, a country-continent which, as Napoleon prophesied, has woken up and is shaking the world, questioning old and rooted balances certainties.

In this weekly newsletter, every Thursday, we talk about the economy, technology, politics, environment and society in China. Because the news coming from China, its contradictions and its strategies concern us ever more closely, due to the growing weight of Asian markets in global capitalism and Beijing's attempt to become the protagonist of a new multipolar global order.

"Yuan" is Lorenzo Riccardi’s weekly commentary on China's economy, tax, and business opportunities.

From an economic point of view, China has become a global player, the second largest economy by GDP at nominal values, first by GDP at purchasing power parities, global leader in trade, exports and FDI volume, with the largest network of bilateral and multilateral treaties for trade, investment, taxation and technology.

Recent estimates predict that China's GDP will exceed that of the United States as early as the end of this decade, while the level of wealth per capita will reach that of European countries by 2035, about $30,000 compared to $10,400 in 2020.


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